NANOCOSMOS at the recent ALMA / Herschel Archival Workshop (Garching, Germany)

alma_herschel_low_resFour NANOCOSMOS researchers gave their presentations at the ALMA/Herschel Archival Workshop held in Garching (Germany) at the ESO headquarters in April 15 -17, 2015. José Cernicharo (NANOCOSMOS Corresponding P.I.) talked about the synergies between the ALMA high resolution observations in the innermost zones of star-forming regions, AGB, post-AGBs stars and extragalactic objects and those of Herschel´s archive submillimeter and far-IR observations. Our postdoctoral researchers, Marcelino Agúndez, Guillermo Quintana-Lacaci and Belén Tercero talked about the following topics: the Herschel and ALMA observations of the C-rich AGB star IRC+10216 thus providing a more complete picture of the chemical processes at work in the envelope (Marcelino Agundez: Unexpected hydrides and molecular distributions in the inner layers of IRC+10216); The molecular transition from the salts NaCl and KCl reveal the presence of a circumstellar torus around IRC+10216 which is probably the remains of a planetary system around this evolved star (Guillermo Quintana-Lacaci: A salty torus around IRC+10216); The combination of different set of data (IRAM 30 m.; HIFI/Herschel and ALMA) allow us to provide very constrained physical parameters of Orion KL (source diameters of different components, density and temperature gradients, and an accurate kinematics of the different Orion’s components) as well as very constrained column densities for the studied molecular species (Belén Tercero: Combined IRAM, Herschel/HIFI, and ALMA study of abundant molecules in Orion KL).

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