HEMT receivers

The 40m radio telescope at the Yebes Astronomical Observatory

One of the aims of the Nanocosmos project is to develop a simulation gas chamber (the “Gas Cell” for chemical evolution) under vacuum conditions, in order to mimick the molecular processes underlying chemical reactions of astrophysical interest (in particular, those occurring at the dust formation zone of AGB stars). These gases can be observed in-situ using radio astronomical receivers, which results advantageous in terms of spectral resolution and sensitivity. These experiments will be complemented by high resolution astronomical observations with the 40 m radio telescope at the Yebes Astronomical Observatory, in which Q and W band receivers must be upgraded to provide wider bandwidth and better spectral resolution. The development of this instrumentation has been finished and is a key aspect of the Nanocosmos project.

Below, several Yebes internal reports are presented to show the developments and upgrades of this instrumentation.

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