‘Estrella’, a comic inspired by Nanocosmos

homepage-banner-estrella-1The first chapter of ‘Estrella’ is out!

‘Estrella’ is a comic developed by an ERC proyect called ERCcOMIC and inspired by Nanocosmos. As the comic team believes in the power of visual storytelling, they illustrate each in a concrete, memorable and engaging way, drawing inspiration from science through stories and images.

The story of ‘Estrella’, by the artist Lorenzo Palloni, is set in 2106, and mankind is radically evolving. The NANOCOSMOS project has changed the path of astrochemistry and astrophysics, and now is the time for an elderly Estrella Leroux to pass the torch to three young scientists. Yet the story of an impossible journey of a young Estrella as a child inside the “Stardust” (a groundbreaking machine that reproduces the processes of a dying star) calls everything into question. The three budding stargazers will discover that their destiny is bound up with the mysterious Estrella’s, on the border between a surprising past and a never-so-uncertain future!

Don’t miss the story of Estrella and enjoy!

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Nanocosmos on the Spanish Newspapers


January and February are being good months for the NANOCOSMOS outreach on the hispanophone Mass Media. Many newspapers published last week an interview with José Cernicharo (one of the three Principal Investigators of the project). You can read one of them, published in “La Opinión, A Coruña”, in this link.

The interview has also been published in other regional newspapers as “La Nueva España”, “Levante (El Mercantil Valenciano)”, “Faro de Vigo”, “La Provincia, diario de Las Palmas” and “La Opinión de Tenerife”.

NANOCOSMOS on “Encounters on the Frontiers of Science” (Valladolid, December 2, 2015)

The meeting “Encounters on the frontiers of science” will take place on December 2, 2015 in Valladolid. This meeting is organised by the “Fundación Duques de Soria” and the University of Valladolid, the “Fundación Universidades Castilla y León” and the University of Salamanca.

This conference will tackle several issues such as magnetism, neutrinos, relativity, graphene and astrochemistry, among others. In order to discuss the progress that Astrochemistry has had in recent years, José Cernicharo, leader of the Molecular Astrophysics Group at the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (CSIC) and one of the Principal Investigators of the Nanocosmos ERC Project, will give a talk entitled “Astrochemistry: chemical complexity in space“. It will be tomorrow, December 2, at 12:00 in the Campus Miguel Delibes (Aulario, Aula Magna, Paseo de Belén, 9) at the University of Valladolid.

Program of the meeting