How to reach us (updated)

CSIC central headquarters is located in one of the most important and commercial streets of Madrid (Serrano street numbers 113 to 123), not far from the downtown, 30 minutes by subway (“Metro”) from Puerta del Sol (downtown centre) and half an hour by taxi from Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport.

Arrival at Madrid Airport

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport has four terminals. As described in the homepage of the airport, all terminals are conveniently connected to the Metro Subway Line 8 (PINK LINE), which ends up in “Nuevos Ministerios” (see below), 10 minutes walking distance from the CSIC central headquarters.
Taxis are also available at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport (about half an hour to CSIC Central Campus and a FIXED RATE of 30 euros). Please check out for the ongoing conflict between taxis and TNCs (Uber and Cabify).

Access to CSIC

CSIC central headquarters can be conveniently reached by Metro Subway Lines 8 (PINK LINE) and 6 (GREY LINE) “Nuevos Ministerios” station (10 minutes walking distance), by Subway Line 6 (GREY LINE) “República Argentina” station (exit “Juan de la Cierva Street”, 5 minutes walking distance), or by Metro Subway lines 10 (BLUE LINE) and 7 (ORANGE LINE) “Gregorio Marañón” station (10 minutes walking distance). All of them are depicted in the map below.

Access to CSIC from nearby “metro” subway stations

Conference, posters and coffee breaks halls

The conference will be held at the Instituto de Ciencias Agrarias main hall (Serrano 115b). See map below.

Poster sessions, coffee breaks and tapas will be enjoyed at the Cloister Garden in Serrano 123. See map below.

Lunchs are not covered by the organization. You can have lunch at the CSIC canteens for 6-7 euros (two dishes menu plus drink and dessert/coffee). The main canteen is located inside the campus and the second one is in Serrano street number 150 outside the campus. There are several restaurants nearby CSIC at competitive prices (12-20 euros).

Conference, posters, coffee breaks and lunch locations at CSIC
Extended map around CSIC showing different locations (Hotels Zurbano and Chamberí/former Bretón) and subway stations

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