ALMA Compact Array observations of the Fried Egg nebula Evidence for large-scale asymmetric mass-loss from the yellow hypergiant IRAS 17163-3907

Authors: Wallstrom, S. H. J.; Lagadec, E.; Muller, S.; Black, J. H.; Cox, N. L. J.; Galvan-Madrid, R.; Justtanont, K.; Longmore, S.; Olofsson, H.; Oudmaijer, R. D.; Quintana-Lacaci, G.; Szczerba, R.; Vlemmings, W.; van Winckel, H.; Zijlstra, A.

Contribution: Article


Publication date: 2017/01/01

DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201628416

EPMC: PMC5300097